2nd Hand School Uniforms

This activity was moved from the Andersons Unifroms shop to "The Sewing Centre" at the beginning of 2020. All 2nd Hand uniform processing is now done at "The Sewing Centre" - this process is explained below along with the types and conditions of the 2nd hand uniform accepted. Please note that we do not sell product on behalf - our process is to purchase suitable garments directly from you - this process is also explained below.

Finally we split the sales of 2nd hand uniform accross the Andersons Uniforms and Sewing Centre locations. These two shops are located almost directly accross the street from one another. The 2nd Hand school uniform is split:

- Whanganui Collegiate - Andersons Uniforms
- Saint Georges School - Andersons Uniforms
- All remaining Secondary Schools - WHS, WCC, WGC & Cullinane - The Sewing Centre
- All Intermediate Schools - WIS & Rutherford
- All remaining Primary Schools - St Johns, St Annes, ST Mary's, Faith City, Keith Street & Wang East - The Sewing Centre

2nd Hand Uniform Purchasing Process

The purchase process is basically as follows:

1. The Uniform you want to sell needs to be presented to the Sewing Centre staff. The staff will fill out a 2nd Hand Uniform form which will detail

- Contact details - Name, Address, phone, email etc
- List of uniform items for sale.
- Payment details - Account credit, Cheque, Bank transfer or instore credit voucher
- What to do with rejected items (Items we do not want to purchase - see below for criteria) - customer pick up or disposal.

2. Once the form is completed the items will be processed when staff are available - this is not done on the spot as it takes time to complete.

3. Each Uniform item will be inspected to determine:

- Is it suitable for re-sale - see the rejection policy below
- Is it still valid school uniform
- It is not part of our rejection of goods policy - see below

4. Once all unform items have been inspected we will contact you with the following information:

- The items we wish to purchase and the price we offer to purchase these.
- The items we have rejected and whether these items will be picked up or disposed of.
- Reasons for rejection - most of these reasons are listed below.

5. The payment will then be processed to you as per your instructions - bank transfer, cheque, account credit or instore credit.

Rejection Policy

The general principal is to only accept items that we are comfortable on-selling to our students / parents. To do this we:

1. The following items are not accepted no matter what condition:

- Swimwear
- Socks
- Shoes
- Hats
- Tights/ Stockings
- Hair Accessories
- Obsolete uniform (no longer on uniform list)
- Award Ties
- Blazers with Braids
- Blazers with Mitre pockets are accepted if - original pocket (non Mitre) is provided and the cost of removing the pocket is paid - $26.50
- From time to time we will reject good condition items if we have more stock than we consider saleable at any point in time.

2. General Garment Requirements:

- All items should be washed and clean
- Name labels removed
- White shirts and Polo's must be checked for collar and underarm sweat stains
- No stains / rips / holes (check inside pockets).
- Blazers must be dry cleaned

3. Obsolete Uniform Clothing:

- Whanganui Collegiate School:

- White Polo Tops
- Blue winter sports tops - black collar
- Rowing suits

- Whanganui High School:

- PE polo tops
- Fleeces
- Blazers

- Saint Johns:

- Red sweatshirts - not fleeces

- Saint Annes:

- Monogrammed summer dresses

- Saint Georges:

- Old style jackets.

- Miscellaneous:

- STA/STM Summer dresses with blue sleeves - these are St Marcellin's school.


Pricing Policy

There are a few exceptions but the general rule is:

1. The maximum price that we put on any garment is 50% of what a new item would cost - this is a general guide line for very good condition uniform.

2. We will offer you a price that is apprximatley 50% of the sale price we have decided to sell the garmen for

3. The price markup that we retain is for the merchandising, styling, wages, rent and normal business outgoings. We also can hold some garments for multiple years which is a cost that needs to be covered.