The Sewing Centre open it's doors for business in November, 2019. This was the result of a number of circumstances and a product of good timing.
Helen Bellringer and Diane Bourne were both working for Sue's Repairs in 2019 and decided during that year to leave Sue's and start there own business. At the same time Jeanette and Owen Haldaway had made the decision to retire and were looking to potentially close their business - Wanganui Home Sewing Center - in October 2019. The third decision making element was that Andersons Uniforms, Menswear and Noire were heavily reliant on the skills and service that Helen and Diane provided while they were at Sue's and wanted to ensure that this service continued once the girls departed from Sues Repairs.

The obvious solution became apparent almost immediatedly with the Andersons Group taking over Home Sewing Center business and renaming it "The Sewing Centre", hiring Helen and Diane and setting them up with a sewing, Alterations and repair buiness. We also decided to keep certain services that Jeannette and Owen delivered during their business - these being:

- Haberdashery
- Crafts
- Janome Sewing Machine agency.
- Sewing machine repair (delivered by Owen Haldaway)
- 2nd Hand Uniform (this was transferred from Andersons Uniforms).

The Sewing Centre has been operational for 10 months now and is provding the required services to our customer base and is performing well